October 2, 2014

NWBLD//blankblank Joins The NWBLK

San Francsico’s The NWBLK features the work of blankblank designers in NWBLD, opening October 2nd, 2014.The show features blankblank designs by Mike & Maaike, Rob Zinn, Tim Richartz and Mark Goetz.

“We are partnering with maverick design manufacturers Blank Blank from Courtland, CA. Hidden in a remote part of California’s central valley, NY designer Rob Zinn and his partner Anna Pavao Zinn have quietly been developing innovative furniture, lighting and objects with designers like Mike and Maaike, Tim Richartz and more.”

Among the featured works are Suspension 01Viscosity, Expansion, Juxtaposed: Power, Divide and Concentric.

The NWBLK joins Siglo Moderno in Los Angeles and Triode in Paris featuring blankblank’s work in their carefully curated showrooms.

The NWBLK is located at 1999 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA 94110 and open Monday-Saturday by appointment.

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