Concentric Featured by Elle Decor Italia

Concentric Featured by Elle Decor Italia: Red is the New Black

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From coral to ruby, New Red is today’s must on the dynamic shapes of the latest design products

ed, rouge, rot… Next months’ trendiest color palette ranges from purple to coralto ruby red, characterizing the new list of design desiderata.

Kaldo is Hanna Ernsting & Sarah Böttger’s latest creation for Nodus: an interesting, contemporary interpretation of New Guinea folk masks. A new two-dimensionality created by a skillful experimentation on quilting techniques applied to shapes and materials with no connection to the world of rugs and tapestries.

Tailor Freeman seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti redesigns the living by the integration of a variety of elements with different features. Monobloc seatings feature elegant stitching underlying the graphic character and contemporary esprittypical of high quality sofas.

Designed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti for Living Divani, with a manly look and strong industrial aesthetics, “Grek” offers a table top cut through by a central crevice that serves as a magazine holder or container for objects. A daring sculpture at the centre of the room.

MulT8 candle holder rope by De Vecchi is a modern interpretation of the classic model designed by Pietro De Vecchi in 1947. Made of PVC tubes, it comes in different color versions with silver plated candle supports. The contrast between shining metal and rubber tube underlines the contemporary, sophisticate aesthetics of this timeless design icon.

“133 Ico”, Ora ïto’s chair for Cassina, is a combination between high tech innovation and a sophisticated cabinetry work. Despite its apparently simple, linear appearance, this chair is a complex expression of high craftsmanship, especially visible in the manufacturing details of the structure and stitching that definitely emphasize its unique upholstery technique.

Whether it’s on or off, “Concentric” by Rob Zinn for Marset is a visually striking wall lamp. The effect it promotes is almost hypnotic and is the result of a specific study on sunlight reflection. “Concentric” comes in three different sizes and three different color combinations: the Corona model (neon shades), the Major model (warm shades) and the Minor model (cool shades).