We strive to provide world-class service to go with our heirloom-quality products.  Here's what people have to say about us:


What fantastic work!!!  We were so impressed.  You guys are amazing.  Thanks so much for your help.

*E.D., California, 2019

You two are the best.

*D.G., California, 2019

Thanks again, and a whole bunch, for the killer customer service.

*K.H., California, 2018

Awesome all the way around. Thanks so much for stellar customer service, including the expedited shipping. Much appreciated. I think my mom will love it.

*K.H., California, 2018

People continue to love [it]...the design continues to work great!

D.G., End User, California, 2018

Thank you for the thoughtful packaging of the individual items.

*J.P., End User, Minnesota, 2018

Thanks so much for all the effort you are putting into this!

M.F., Specifier, Los Angeles, 2018

Thanks for all of your help with this!  

*R.O., End User, California, 2018

Cutting boards arrived!  Beautiful - look even better in real life than the photos :) Thanks again!!  

J.W., End User, California, 2018

I love my Flora!
C.M.W., End User, California, 2018

I wanted to send you a photo of the Expansion wall sconce lights installed! Everyone loves them

*J.K., Specifier, New York, 2018

Got it. Love it. Thanks for this beautiful board!

L.D., End User, New York, 2018

Many thanks...I really love the boards.

M.B., End User, New York, 2018

It was very nicely packed and everything in order. I am very happy with my purchase.

R.H., End User, London, 2018

Thanks, guys! (I) Love BlankBlank

-*S.R., End User, California, 2018

You were a joy to work with, and your beautifully crafted products added the perfect touch to the space.  We look forward to working with you again!

D.R., Specifier, San Francisco, 2017

I love the look of the desk, it fits perfectly. Thanks for being on top of everything as usual.  

*T.R., End User, Maine, 2017

Thanks again for all your work on this. I feel incredibly lucky that I found you.  

D.G., End User, California, 2017

Thanks so much for hosting us to see your work. We are really energized and inspired after seeing [it]. 

M.K., End User, Los Angeles, 2017

This whole process we keep going back and forth and getting better! Very cool!

*G.H., Restaurateur, San Francisco, 2017

Your attention to detail is so great.

*J.D., Specifier, Sacramento, 2017

Quite happy with [the light]. Thank you for the quick turnaround and the great service.

D.L., End User, Miami Beach, 2017 

Your work is remarkable, your Expansion sconce is iconic! 

R.R., Specifier, Texas, 2017

Your work on this project was outstanding! 

*E.D., End User, California, 2016        

Looking forward to doing more business together! 

                          *L.W., Department Store Specifier, New York, 2016     

You are incredible! 

D.B., Specifier/End User, Los Angeles, 2016

As always, you are so great to work with…Everything went so well today thanks to you!  The [delivery] guys were just great and did exactly as per your request. You are truly one in a million in customer service. We will recommend you over and over again!  

*M.R., Specifier/End User, South Carolina, 2016 

Thanks so much for the personal touch…Very nice. From start to finish (and beyond), it has been nothing but a pleasure.

                                                K.H., End User, California, 2016                                             

It arrived earlier than the scheduled date which is great. Thank you so much for your help!  

                                     J.J., Specifier, Texas, 2016                                    

Thank you everything worked well and we really like it.  

*M.R., End User, Georgia, 2016

 Thanks for the extra effort. 

             J.S., End User, Los Angeles, 2016              

Thank you so much...I love it.  

                            S.J., End User, New York, 2016                             

We’ve always loved your products but knowing about your sustainability efforts takes our loyalty to another level!  Thanks.  

                   J.M., End User, Pennsylvania, 2015                 

You are the best! Love all your help and concern!   

      *M.R., Designer & End User, Charleston, 2015          

You rule. 

                             J.D., Designer, New York, 2015                                

You are so kind.  Thank you once again for your help. 

J.J., Specifier, Texas, 2015

Excellent!! Look forward to doing more business with you.  

I.D., Specifier, California, 2015

Your accessories and furniture pieces are absolutely beautiful.  

C.G., Specifier, California, 2015

You have been SO helpful and great during this process. Thank you for your diligence.

*M.R., Specifier, Charleston, 2015

Thank you for your great service. Both my wife and self are very pleased.  

R.T., Architect, California, 2014

I have a serious design crush on you guys.  

P.L., Designer, California, 2014

Over the past 5 years we have purchased a 10.5” cast slab walnut table, an 8” table for our kitchen, a Divide Bench, and the Sutter Sideboard. Every piece is absolutely beautiful, fits with the aesthetic of our 1920s Craftsman house…and is made to be eventually given to my grandkids once my little ones have little ones of their own. I plan to keep adding to our collection as new products come onto the market!   

*S.C., End User, California, 2014

Custom designed a light for our kitchen remodel…Beautiful light, functional, and the center piece of our kitchen. Rob Zinn was able to custom powder coat and match the light exactly to spec. The work was completed on time, and the communication was excellent. Highly recommend.  

*E.D., End User, California, 2014

It's a gorgeous table!

J.D., Interior Designer & End User, California, 2013

We would love to work with you, too. 

* Denotes Returning Client