Hong Kong's Hinge Magazine Features Juxtaposed: Religion

Hinge Magazine, Vol. 262, January 2018:

Hinge Architecture Interior Design Magazine Features Juxtaposed: Religion

"Sacred Shelf

Californian manufacturer Blankblank has relaunched Juxtaposed: Religion Tenth Anniversary Edition, a bookshelf that comes complete with seven hardback volumes of religious teachings. Designed by San Francisco based studio Mike & Maaike, the bookshelf has uneven, fluctuating slots for each tome carved into the pinewood ledge, so that all seven books sit back-to-back and reach the same height. Included are the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Gita, the Laozi, as well as two books about Buddhism. “We all have felt the decline of physical books,” says Maaike Evers of Mike & Maaike. “We would like to highlight the importance of the physicality of certain books. Seeing them related and next to one another, a new message arises. We would like to think that having access to many points of view and creating empathy is at the heart of this project.” Juxtaposed: Religion was originally released in 2017 as a limited-edition piece.