Mike & Maaike Present Juxtaposed Religion - The Complete Edition During SF Design Week

Mike & Maaike Present JUXTAPOSED RELIGION - THE COMPLETE EDITION during SF Design Week


8,031,000,000 people 3,700 years 48 books 1 shelf.

Solid reclaimed oak, books.  

92.5” W x 10.8” H x 8.3” D | 234 cm W x 27cm H x 21cm D


The result of a 15-year collection project, Juxtaposed Religion - The Complete Edition brings together a comprehensive collection of 48 religious texts, presenting them on the same level, their coexistence acknowledged and celebrated.

Mike and Maaike have assembled a complete set of books representing the world’s book-based religions. Each book fits precisely into custom slots milled into a solid reclaimed oak beam, raising them to the same height. This singular piece is their largest and most comprehensively curated bookshelf, and represents a concept that Mike & Maaike have been exploring since 2008.

Previous Mike & Maaike bookshelves have been acquired by collectors and celebrities including Brad Pitt.

Presented by Mike & Maaike, curated by John Simonian. Offered to clients of blankblank. Please message us at info@blankblank.net to inquire.

Meet the Designers:
Mike & Maaike are opening their San Francisco studio to visitors during SF Design Week

See their singular Juxtaposed Religion - The Complete Edition as well as the original Juxtaposed: Religion and Juxtaposed: Power limited edition bookshelves by Mike & Maaike for blankblank.

June 8th at 5pm
300 De Haro, San Francisco, CA 94103


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