Purchases with Joy & Purpose

We recently came across this revised hierarchy of needs by Radha Agrawal in her book, Belong, and it really hit home. Once basic human and health-related needs are taken care of, we have the opportunity and desire to fulfill our deeper needs of service orientation and purpose (activity that benefits humankind) and joy and play (creativity, wonder and mindfulness).
Agrawal's Hierarchy of Needs

These attributes perfectly encompass our mission. We strive to make each of our products meaningful to you at each level in the hierarchy of needs
not just functional and durable, our designs are beautiful and whimsical while being made in a way that's consistent with your values. To us, that confidence is the embodiment of luxury.

Now and in this upcoming holiday season, we invite you to support our skilled fabricators and designers to help us sustain and grow our collection and community. We can't do it without you. Thank you!