Rob Zinn’s Concentric for Marset Featured in Interior Design, April 2016

Rob Zinn’s Concentric for Marset Featured in Interior Design, April 2016

Interior Design Magazine Features Rob Zinn’s Concentric for Marset in their April 2016 Issue.

blankblank // Concentric by Rob Zinn for Marset // Interior Design Magazine Solar Reflections

blankblank // Concentric by Rob Zinn for marset // Interior Design Magazine

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A preview of the city’s May design fairs

Edited by Rebecca Thienes, Text by Mark McMenamin, Georgina McWhirter and Athena Waligore

Solar Reflections:

Passing time on a flight, Rob Zinn noticed that as sunlight spilled through the windows, vibrant colors from the passengers’ clothing were cast across the plane’s curved white fuselage. That observation prompted the co-founder of modern furnishings source BlankBlank to do a little freelancing–ergo, his Concentric range of sconces and ceiling fixtures for Marset.  Four aluminum discs, finished satin-white on the face, are covered in vinyl on their undersides.  Turned off, the tones are subtly perceived.  But once the LED light source is switched on, the effect is almost hypnotic, as the colors seem to vibrate.  The three sizes come in three color combinations: neon Corona, warm Major and cool Minor.

See Concentric by Rob Zinn for Marset at ICFF in the Marset booth, #914.

See the rest of blankblank’s summer 2016 collection at ICFF in booth #956.


Coming Soon: Concentric by Rob Zinn for Marset

Concentric is an unique layered wall or ceiling sconce light designed by blankblank’s Rob Zinn. Colors applied to the back of each satin white layer glow subtly in natural light when the fixture is off but glow brightly when turned on.

Available in several distinctive colorways: Corona, Major & Minor. Three sizes. For hardwiring. Best when installed with a dimmer switch.

To purchase, please see Marset’s dealer locator or inquire with your preferred lighting retailer.


Rob Zinn

Rob Zinn’s non-traditional approach to the field of industrial design led him to co-found blankblank in 2004 in Northern California.  Over the past ten years, under Rob’s direction, blankblank has produced a collection of furniture, lighting and objects that is recognized and enjoyed around the world.  Rob currently lives and works in, and is inspired by, a small agricultural community in the California Delta that has become his home.  There he utilizes his hands, machines, technologies, skilled artisans and an adventurous clientele to create objects and experiences that challenge the notions of art, design, need and desire.

See Rob Zinn’s work for blankblank here.

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