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Juxtaposed: Religion Tenth Anniversary Edition

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This unlimited edition of Juxtaposed: Religion commemorates the tenth anniversary of the original Juxtaposed shelf by Mike & Maaike for blankblank. 

7,577,000,000 people 5,360 pages 3,700 years 206 countries

7 books 1 shelf. 

Includes the following hardcover volumes: Tao Te Ching, Holy Bible, The Qu’ran, The Analects of Confucious, The Bhagavad Gita, The Discourses of the Buddha, The Torah. Texts curated by John Simonian.

Composed pine wood shelf. Metal bracket for flush wall mount. Shelf fabricated in Northern California.

Dimensions: 32"Wx8"Dx10.5"H  Each shelf is one-of-a-kind and varies slightly.

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